How to log in to Target Circle credit card, make payment & more

There could be many other ways to improve or rebuild your credit score, including choosing a credit card. When people search for a credit card, a credit score is the core point that revolves in their minds.

Target Red Card or now they call it a Circle card is a decent choice for many, but now it has been altered its accessing portals.

If you’re a new user trying to sign in, we’ve rounded up all the crucial details to help you explore more about the card.

Credit cards in the current scenario:

But, the current scenario is a bit different, now people also look for a card that offers cash-back rewards in addition to the credit-building advantage, that’s where credit cards kick in for real.

Credit cards are different from debit cards or ATM cards in the fact that you are not even touching your bank balance to pay for your groceries, gas fillings, dine out, and shopping, however, you have to pay the credit limit you have used, but, you can buy some time to do that.

Target circle card log-in process:

Follow these quiet easy steps to achieve your login goal:

Target circle card homepage
  • Enter your username and password, if you want to sign in through password. However, you have rather a distinctive choice to log in using your passkey, which could provide you with concrete protection.
  • And, as always there are options like Forgot your password, and Keep me signed in available for your convenience.

How to make a target credit card account?

  • When on the login page, just click on the “Create account” button, to do that.
  • Further, provide your underlying info such as First name, last name, and email address, and create a strong password, and at the end click the “Create account” tab.

Target Circle card credit card: Apply

Before stepping further, a thing you should acknowledge that you need to open a Target Circle account even to apply for the card, so make sure you already did that, before moving to this step.

These simple steps will help you to apply online:

  • Visit the Target circle card homepage again.
  • Scroll down a bit to find and click the “Apply for credit” red button.
  • Further, the link will take you to the login page, so just enter your credentials and log in.
  • After the application page opens, provide the mandatory details that are essential to apply.
  • In most cases, you are likely to get the response within 30 days.

Remark: You can apply for both the Target Circle store card and Target MasterCard, which will have their own eligibility criteria.

Target Circle card: Payment options

You can complete your target card payment with these options:

  • Online: You can make your payment by simply logging in to your Target Circle account, which is the most secure and straightforward way to get the work done.
  • By phone number: You can also use the automated phone number system to process your payment. Call the 1-800-424-6888 number.
  • Send money by post: There is always a conventional way to pay your bill, by sending money to the post mail if you have the excuse not to use the first two methods. Use the correspondence address below:
P.O. Box 660170 Dallas, 

TX 75266-0170

Target card: Customer Service Support

  • Contact the 1-800-424-6888 number which could prove to be a versatile number, as you can get any kind of help and information regarding the target card.
  • You can mail any kind of query to

What is Target Circle Credit card:

Target Circle provides Target credit card and Target Mastercard, both issued by TD Bank, North America, and the service provider is Target corporation, providing and these cards provide you closed-loop and open-loop services chronologically.

Target circle credit card image

Benefits and crucial terms of Target Circle Card:

One can squeeze out these outlined benefits from both of the Target Circle credit cards:

  • 5% off on every eligible purchase from Target store and
  • You are gratis of any annual or monthly fee.
  • You will get 2 days of free shipping on products.
  • They give you 30 days extra to return any product you purchase from the Target retail stores or
  • You can have 2% cash back from gas and dining expenses and 1% when using your Target Mastercard beyond the Target corporation anywhere credit cards are accepted.
  • They will provide a $50 reward voucher along with the Credit card, which you can use within 30 days.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • The APR for purchases using either of the Target Circle credit cards is 29.95%, while the APR for cash advances is 31.15% and only applies to the Target Mastercard.
  • You must pay $1 in interest if you exceed the due date.
  • The transaction fee is $10 or 3% as cash advances, which will be decided according to the greater amount, and is only applicable for the Target Mastercard.
  • They have determined a maximum of $41 for late payment and $30 for returned payment as forfeiture fees.

Target circle card: Alternatives

If you want you can check out these alternatives to Target circle cards, which could prove to be a replacement for Target circle cards to some extent:


Is the Target Red Card or Target Circle Card identical?

The target circle card is a modified edition of the target red card, performing the same role as it did in the past, therefore all of the previous benefits will remain intact. If you have a hard copy of your credit card, then they will send you a brand new Target Circle card at your doorstep.

Is it possible to use the target circle card without delay?

Certainly, if you apply for the card in-store, you will get the essential document hard copies after approval so that you can use the card without any further ado. when applying online, once you are approved, they will send you the card details needed to make your first purchase until your original card is delivered to your home address.