How Do I Activate My Indigo Credit Card? Easy Guide

Credit cards let you shop offline and online, and many kinds of credit cards are available in the market.

Some only focus on building credit scores, while others belong to a particular retail store or a retail chain company.

The retail store cards provide you with some reward points and attractive perks when shop from that particular store or a chain of retail stores.

If you get a Mastercard ®️ or Visa ®️ license, then they create ample opportunity for you to compensate for some of your expenses.

Also, your credit score automatically improves concurrently. However, credit cards work on the premise of improving or building one’s credit.

If a company sorts out all the credit card stuff that you have taken, you must activate that card to use online and offline purposes.

At the heart of the article:

Indigo Mastercard Credit card is issued by Celtic Bank, while Concora Credit Inc. holds the trademark and provides services of the card itself.

If you want to use the card, it’s important to activate it, but after the approval of your application and receiving your card, make sure to register it to stave off inconveniences.

Entire Procedure to activate the Indigo Mastercard Credit card:

Currently, most of the cards come deactivated, for unauthorized access prevention. So you need to activate it manually to use it.

Activation genuinely meant to register your card to access it online, if you have Login credentials it perhaps means you already have activated your card.

But if not, follow the process mentioned below:

Activate Indigo card by phone:

  • You can register your Indigo MasterCard via phone by just calling 1-800-353-5920, from 6 am to 6 pm. A representative help you through the process.

Activate Indigo card online:

  • Now, if you already registered your card, you just need to enter the login credentials to access the card. (This basically means that you have the card activated and ready to use.)
  • If you haven’t already, just click on the “register my account” link and tap on the “get started” button.
  • Now you have two options: “I have my card number” and “ I don’t have my card number.” If your case falls in the first situation: then fill up the required details along with the card number, and submit.
  • If you have the latter situation then you might need to provide additional details for security purposes, so just enter them and submit.
  • Now likewise, provide the details required in the further steps to complete your registration.
  • After the whole process, they might take some time to activate your card to use it.
  • After successfully activating your card, you can set up online access to the card.

If you don’t have an Indigo Mastercard Credit card and want to get one for yourself or want some knowledge about its benefits, rewards, payment methods, and customer support, then look into the Indigo Mastercard article.

What if you don’t activate the Indigo Credit Card manually:

  • For most credit cards, you need to activate the card within around 30-60 days, after that you can’t activate it. In this case, the most common thing that will happen is that the issuer bank might close your account, and your credit card will be useless.
  • Chances are you may not apply for the Indigo MasterCard again.
  • Your impression in the sight of credit card companies would become adverse, as the issuer bank already reported to bureaus that you got the card, and if you don’t activate it.
  • other credit card issuer banks would not take interest in giving you pre-received offers, and chances are you lose any opportunities to apply for a credit card in the future.

You can also check out these alternatives of Indigo Mastercard:

Apply for Indigo MasterCard by Pre-approved mail offer:

There is another way to apply for the Indigo card, and that is if you get a “pre-approved mail offer” along with an “Invitation number.”

The banks get details from the credit bureaus to reach out to the people who hold fair credit scores, and the more your credit score the better services you are likely to get with a wide range of options along with a better credit line to expense.

So, if you received an email likewise, this implies that you are qualified for the eligibility criteria, you have enough creditworthiness to apply for the card, and you have enough credit to get their credit card along with services.

So, if you have received a mail offer, then follow these steps to complete the application:

  • Visit the Indigo card website.
  • Now, on the top right side click on the orange ”Get Started” button There remains the option “Received a mail offer?” click on it.
  • Enter the Invitation number you received from the mail along with your zip code to “Get started.”
  • If you think they invited you via a pre-received mail offer, but you can’t find it or have lost the mail, then simply click on the “find your code here” link.
  • Provide your last name, the last 4 digits of your SSN, and zip code along with clicking the “find offer” button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who provides services for Indigo Mastercard?

Celtic Bank is the issuer and makes programs for the Indigo Mastercard while Concora Credit Inc. manages and provides services for the card.

Is it necessary to activate my Indigo Mastercard?

Yes, if you want to use the card for purchases and other kinds of stuff, you must activate the card. 

Plus, if you register online you can set up a login account so that you can manage card bills, request statements, get cash rewards, and so on.

How many methods can I follow to activate Indigo credit card?

You can either activate the card by just calling 1-800-353-5920 or activate online by following these simple steps mentioned in “Online activation” above.

How can I make login credentials to access my Indigo card online?

You need to first go through the entire “Indigo Credit Card Activation process” in which you can make your User ID and password.

Making Login credentials means your card is activated; consequently, you can use the card for all recognized purposes.